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Soul Assassin OG (shatter – indica dominant)

Soul Assassin OG (shatter – indica dominant)

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Soul Assassin OG, also know as Soul Assassin Kush is said to have been created by the 90’s rap group Soul Assassin who has ties to the infamous rap group Cypress Hill. This extraction is known to induce sleep with it’s hard hitting Indica domination. It can be used to treat chronic pain, stress, tension and depression. So if you want to get high, so high… then look no further, SM and Soul Assassin have got you covered.

Indica Dominated Hybrid: 90% Indica 10% Sativa

Effect: Body High, Cerebral, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

May Relieve: Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Hypertension, Inflammation, Insomnia, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Neuropathy, PTSD, Stress

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29 reviews for Soul Assassin OG (shatter – indica dominant)

  1. Cdnbackpacker1221 (verified owner)

    This is a great night time shatter, and I personally love it for my pain and insomnia. Such a strong hitting indica. For the high I get off this, it’s hard to believe the price. Personal favorite from the sweetmary crew.

  2. eriklipari (verified owner)

    cant beat it for the price! wow and pretty terpy

  3. Krazyskiier (verified owner)

    Very surprised with the potency and taste. Can’t beat the price, I will be grabbing more of this.

  4. brent.gadwa (verified owner)

    Very terpy! Got a lovely pine scent and a tasty piney exhale too! Shatters easily enough and has a nice gold colour, not cloudy at all! 5 out of 5 best for the price!

  5. squirest1 (verified owner)

    Amazing shatter for the $ some of the best I’ve seen at that price

  6. pierreulrick (verified owner)

    Can’t be more happy

  7. anthonyzsandra (verified owner)

    So pleased! I feel it’s best to smoke at night and has such a sweet pine taste definitely worth the price & will be getting again for sure!

  8. TorontoStonerDad (verified owner)

    Best bang for the buck out there.

  9. shawnsloat (verified owner)

    Another great product at an amazing price

  10. ethan_powell (verified owner)

    Cannot beat the price n the taste n smoke on it is very nice id give it a 8/10

  11. wrk_compliance (verified owner)


  12. urnixed (verified owner)

    Extremely terpy providing a great taste and smell. quite stable. Light in colour and fairly transparent. TOP NOTCH VALUE

  13. Pitiful.rain (verified owner)

    Great stuff, not sticky at all. Definitely getting more

  14. cloudchemistjuice (verified owner)

    Great quality and much better than the orange diesel.

  15. mikacas94 (verified owner)

    I couldn’t understand why this strain was more expensive vs the other budget strain but the Terpy citrus like taste is fantastic, very smooth clean hit definitely worth the extra coin.

    I know it’s a heavy hybrid but I found I was vacuuming the lawn on this one guys! 5 stars for price and quality.

  16. bobnpeg13 (verified owner)

    All I can say is wow great for movie nights that’s for sure

  17. Justindandrea30 (verified owner)

    Definitely good bang for your buck. Shattered like glass at room temperature

  18. (verified owner)

    Amazing product for the price!!! An absolute steal of a deal, very strong buzz with the combination of the very strong fruity Terps, I will be buying this again no questions asked!! Very good product and I would suggest to any customer who is looking for a phenomenaly processd concentrate!!

  19. hicon (verified owner)

    Very potent grate at night

  20. jeangael_allard60 (verified owner)

    Very strong take small dab for your safety

  21. liquidassassin3 (verified owner)

    This batch is a little on the darker side of things. Previous batch was a lot lighter.

  22. yarych122 (verified owner)

    Great Shatter!
    Super smooth and tasty and for the price there is no reason you shouldn’t try this shatter out!
    Smells nice and terpy and it’s perfect for night time! Knocks me on my ass every time!

  23. hockey.fil (verified owner)

    Nice buzz !

  24. shawnnaglecanada (verified owner)

    Good high for the price.
    Got 7 grams
    My 3.5 gram pack was more like a budder, was waxy and had to use a scooper. It came back black and I had to change my cartridge in my pen often.

  25. kikiberty (verified owner)

    Good Shatter ! price is fair !

  26. virtual11 (verified owner)

    Good shit for the price! recommended

  27. supa_carrier21 (verified owner)

    Pretty strong and easier to handle with bare fingers compared to the cheaper strains.

  28. mateyabrine (verified owner)

    Great taste very smooth

  29. ethan_powell (verified owner)

    good quality oil for the price really enojoyed it.! Very nice indica effects:)

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