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Rejuvenate (CBD infused Healing Cream)

Rejuvenate (CBD infused Healing Cream)

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Self Heal: cuts, bruises, stops bleeding
Comfrey: wound care, sunburn, eczema
Burdock: acne, eczema
Calendula: acne, cuts, insect bites
Chamomile: burns, rashes
Lavender: wounds, acne, insect bites
Oregano: antibacterial
Stinging Nettle: pain, analgesic
Neem: fungal
Yarrow: wounds, cuts
Arnica: pain, swelling
Benzoin: inflammation, deodorant, relaxant
Cedarwood: inflammation, deodorant
Frankincense: skin repair
Lavender: heals and soothes
Lemon: detoxes and fights infection
Sage: anti bacterial, inflammation
Tea tree: acne, cold sores, herpes

Full Spectrum CBD Extract


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2 reviews for Rejuvenate (CBD infused Healing Cream)

  1. Kevinsmith_52 (verified owner)

    Good product all in all. I did not personally use it but I purchased it for my significant other to deal with their heinous ulcers that generally take anywhere from 3 to 9 months to close up. Healing was sporadic and hard to control. With this cream, as the name says, it rejuvenated the area around the ulcer which in turn has made the healing process so much faster. From 3 months to 3 weeks! It eases the pain and has taken away most inflammation and deep purple surrounding the openings. I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from hard to heal wounds. Only downside is it locks in the moisture so may need to switch a salve so it doesn’t sensitize the skin too much.

  2. lauraguitard (verified owner)

    Great product, strong anti-inflammatory – worked almost instantly.

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