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Cracker Jack (dried cannabis – balanced hybrid)

Cracker Jack (dried cannabis – balanced hybrid)

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Cracker Jack is a balanced hybrid that was made by splicing the Jack Herer and Green Crack strains. It gives the user a clear mind and focus for the tasks at hand. It is known as a good daytime smoke because it gives a body and head buzz but does not tire the user regardless of how much is consumed. For a $4 strain that does the trick, how could you possibly go wrong giving it a try?

Balanced Hybrid: 50% Sativa 50% Indica

Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy

May Relieve: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Hyperactivity, Inflammation, Irritability, Migraines, Mood Swings, PMS

Weight N/A

Gram, Eighth Ounce, Quarter Ounce, Half Ounce, Ounce, Half Pound

114 reviews for Cracker Jack (dried cannabis – balanced hybrid)

  1. raven_jade_ca (verified owner)

    Nice product, decent taste, good count, and you can’t beat the price! Thanks Sweet Mary!

  2. its2jotb (verified owner)

    Amazing for the price, potent. nice floral smell, perfect for vaping.

  3. eriklipari (verified owner)

    Great strain! dry, but a boveda fixed ti

  4. ethan_powell (verified owner)

    very smooth smoke, taste wasn’t the best but for price what do u expect haha love it!:)

  5. god_master666 (verified owner)

    tres beau produit , sa me rappel un peut le weed du debut des année 2000 . je recommande pour le prix

  6. dhengere (verified owner)

    Good stone! Awesome count! Not the best taste, but had to give five stars because, well the price is UNBEATABLE!!

  7. larderthorl (verified owner)

    For the price its pretty good. Decent buzz and burns clean. But it is cheap so don’t expect it to be as good as something twice the price or more.

  8. graemesstuff (verified owner)

    Nice smoke does the trick for the price. Not the biggest buds in size sorta to be expected for price . Will be ordering again soon

  9. steph.davies17 (verified owner)

    Great day time smoke. Few tokes before housework and I was set to go. It’s perfect. Burns nice, smokes smooth.

  10. brent.gadwa (verified owner)

    REAL nice for the price! An abundance of orange hairs on the bright green buds! Ash was nice and white and exhale was smooth. The taste is a bit off because I think it’s outdoor but still a nice buzz for the day!

  11. Justindandrea30 (verified owner)

    Its no AAA but you can’t beat the price. Put It this way, I was expecting it to be worse and was pleasantly surprised.

  12. karine_simard84 (verified owner)

    Good for price 🙂 not the best but at this price it done the job !! I will order more for sure

  13. syl.h1969 (verified owner)

    I love the smell of this product! its perfect for winding down before bed and it relieved menstrual cramping. Thank you so much!!

  14. anthonyzsandra (verified owner)

    It’s definitely decent for the price! Smokes good and gives a nice buzz. Worth the price for sure!

  15. shawnsloat (verified owner)

    For the price you can’t beat it. Smokes nice with a really nice head high. Will buy again

  16. TorontoStonerDad (verified owner)

    Not bad at all. Cheapest online but not the worst smoke by a long stretch. better than the SSH.

  17. 80micheltrepanier (verified owner)

    Merveilleux pour le prix et l’effet est doux !

  18. wrk_compliance (verified owner)

    good for the price

  19. Pitiful.rain (verified owner)

    Just as everyone else says. Ordering more this week

  20. cloudchemistjuice (verified owner)

    Great quality product for the price. Always just a little over and would love if nugs were a duster but makes amazing edibles and even smokes clean and white. Good work!

  21. marccaron7 (verified owner)

    Nice small buds, goddy smell, light fruit taste. Good job for the price. Cheers

  22. bobnpeg13 (verified owner)

    You can’t beat it for that price good day time smoke

  23. marieandreedurand (verified owner)

    Bon goût belle cocotte moi juste wowwww
    Pour le prix je l’adopte sais sur

  24. ashwoodbutcher (verified owner)

    Really surprised how good this strain is, I will definitely buy again.

  25. adamvagi (verified owner)

    Nice smell, good high and great price. Will order again!

  26. 80micheltrepanier (verified owner)

    Achats pour mon grand père parfait comme il dit je crois bien en recommander pour lui ses sur !

  27. andrew420raven (verified owner)

    Awesome for price smells amazing not as tasty jund plain earthy but still good buzz ordering nore to presd for rosin cant wait

  28. yarych122 (verified owner)

    Great for the price! This has honestly been the best, cheapest budget bud that I have tried.
    I was pleasantly surprised by every aspect of Cracker Jack! The smell is very nice and not at all what I was expecting for the price. The same goes for the taste, though not the best, still better than what I have had.
    The high is the perfect mix, nice and relaxing with a bit of energy!
    Do yourself a favour and order this! You will not regret it!
    I’ll be getting another ounce of this and an ounce of the OG Cheese, hopefully the cheese is just as good, if not better as CJ!

  29. hockey.fil (verified owner)

    great weed !

  30. ryanthompson888 (verified owner)

    Awesome service as always. This is a great sativa dominate smoke. Very uplifting. Helps to manage my PTSD symptoms while keeping my mind and body active. Great strain, amazing pricing. Couldn’t be a happier customer. A+++ service from sweet Mary

  31. virtual11 (verified owner)

    sweet price sweet buzz and taste not that bad :3

  32. rougerie125 (verified owner)

    I was very impressed when I got the package because the coloc and door are amazing for the price. Smoking at least a 7g a day, this strain did not get me as high as 9$ strains but it did the job. Super clean high, helps with anxiety. I highly recommend it.

  33. jercooke93 (verified owner)

    Thoroughly surprised with this. Such a smooth high and very soft buds. Busts up perfectly with a wonderful light green color.

  34. xtreme-clean01 (verified owner)

    Great taste biz for the money

  35. andrew420raven (verified owner)

    Amazing for the price males for good bluntz

  36. christopou (verified owner)

    Tres bon buzz pour le prix !
    Tres belle bud et senteur
    Best 2 buck strain i try

  37. etk.fluffy (verified owner)

    Good smooth smoke well worth the price

  38. supa_carrier21 (verified owner)

    Amazing for the price. Could be sold for 3 or 4 times more. Thanks Sweet Mary!

  39. hicon (verified owner)

    Much better than i expected not dry at all good buzz

  40. david_asselin_gagnon (verified owner)

    Looks good, smell and taste are all right. Not the most powerfull high but still is surprising for a sativa at this cost, could not find better deal.

  41. shawnsloat (verified owner)

    Order it for the second time still fantastic

  42. pericarpist (verified owner)

    Very good for the price, a bit darker but tasted good, will get it again

  43. missashleyryan01 (verified owner)

    Used it for edibles and topicals, and it is fantastic. Smokes quite smooth for a $2/gram strain. I was quite impressed.

  44. willis5001 (verified owner)

    Stuff WORKS!

  45. natalya_monkman (verified owner)

    Good nug. especially for the price, its unbeatable! Ordered a bunch and I just placed another order for the other four 2$ nugs. Cant wait to try them and I will be posting my reviews on which one I preferred, but in the end this was amazing for 2$ and I bet the rest are too! Buy it if your questioning it, its the cheapest price you will find in Canada (non-bulk), use a coupon code and spend more then 150$ and you can get 3+ ounces for 160$! If you smoke a lot of weed and don’t care for the “best of the best” then you must get this!

  46. cheapskate241 (verified owner)

    Price is right! Edibles galore! Very comparable to higher priced stuff; just 1/3 the cost. Thanks sweet Mary!

  47. fishermanrok (verified owner)

    Like it says, for $2 a gram this is hard to go wrong with. Great for those days you just need to /smoke/ but not worry about cutting up your budget. Perfect high for daytime use, 11/10 would recommend.

  48. renaudbrienpaquette (verified owner)

    Pour le prix c’est parfait! C’est sur qu’il faut en fumer plus qu’à l’habitude mais c’est 2$…

  49. marccaron7 (verified owner)

    Encorre une foi pas decut, pour le prix bon gout bon buzz.

  50. shanekearsley6 (verified owner)

    for the price i was expecting something of a low quality but turn out it was the other way, great strain for the price i would definitely get more

  51. aliceecarter (verified owner)

    Love it! For $2 a g it’s great!

  52. bebop_13_90 (verified owner)

    Good smell, Earthy taste, well trimmed very decent sized nugs, a few popcorn nugs and vaped well, no harshness. Good potency and wicked deal for the price. Defintly buying again.

  53. Bradoosterom16 (verified owner)

    Cant beat the price! Very mild high would recommend for day time use.

  54. m1911alias (verified owner)

    No idea how a nice sativa like cracker jack is only $2/g but hey I’m not complaining. If you like jack or green crack highs this is best of both worlds. This site’s prices are very nice, all their flower is good.

  55. mateyabrine (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the price, good mild high to get ya through the day.

  56. cedric.richard.drum (verified owner)

    Excellent price, excellent service/packing and OK quality. Still, considering the price, it is a really good strain!

  57. aliceecarter (verified owner)

    Mild high and it takes a bit more to get me to a comfortable place, but still worth every penny! 🙂

  58. CHRISTIANARBOUR84 (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Ive ordered this twice. Nice light day time high best prices online by far

  59. CHRISTIANARBOUR84 (verified owner)

    Love it…. my go to

  60. (verified owner)


  61. shelbygoodin (verified owner)

    Great Buzz!

  62. (verified owner)


  63. (verified owner)

    Probably one of the best strains ive ever tried

  64. patrice-fortin (verified owner)

    At 2$ can’t beat that smell good burned good to nice job and most

  65. tracybalsom.14 (verified owner)

    Decent buzz, taste not the best but has potential if cured. Can’t complain for the price at all!

  66. david13tri (verified owner)

    Tres bon prix! Belles buds, bon gout

  67. etk.fluffy (verified owner)

    Amazing taste and nice size buds !

  68. likeanechopedal (verified owner)

    Very happy with this product for the price, it is in my top 5 from this site!

  69. connor48_48 (verified owner)

    EXCELLENT bud it did the job we all want just had smaller bud than normal but still a great price making it worth buying . This is a no-brainer people buy it while you can!

  70. aaden_8 (verified owner)

    Decent high for dirt cheap what’s not to love?

  71. callen.maclean1999 (verified owner)

    Great strain for the price cant go wrong

  72. cherylandtroy (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the quality for the price not super heavy but great day to day smoke

  73. rsauve6 (verified owner)

    Nice taste, good effects fot the price! Would buy again.

  74. shaelafosse (verified owner)

    Awesome strain! Great euphoric high, energizing. Burns nice

  75. jonathanverge001 (verified owner)

    over count on every product i’ve got. beautiful nugs and dank as hell. and indica smoker will like this.

  76. jonathanverge001 (verified owner)

    beautiful nugs. smooth and good high.

  77. alstephens929 (verified owner)

    Received the package in a timely fashion, was packaged perfectly. Canada Post’s tracking system leaves something to be desired, but Mary’s Secret staff were reassuring and were beyond patient with my neurotic questions! Thank you. The are some other reviews that mention issues with shipping , but it seems it’s on Canada Post’s end.

    The product was a good mix of nice size buds and popcorn sized buds. Which is more than I expected for the pricing. There are many sites that sell their popcorn buds “on sale” or “deeply discounted” in the $5 to $7/gram range. So $2 to $3 per gram for this quality of product is simply amazing!

    This strain is incredible. I’ve used the product in joints, water bongs, as well as a vapourizer. The high’s are consistent with what the strain offers and is not harsh when smoked. The high is intense, but not unmanageable and provides a deep relaxation without too much couch lock. Will definitely being purchasing this strain again.

  78. carlie_longtin (verified owner)

    Good bud, burns well tastes decent. The lift isnt a hige one, but for 2$ its mighty fine

  79. faqiryar1 (verified owner)

    For the price you get it’s good

  80. rstrain (verified owner)

    Got a bit of a buzz off this. Seemed more energized than anything – same experience with the Super Silver Haze. Was very productive and focused but not really high. Found that i wanted to smoke something different right afterwards. But again, for the price of it i wasn’t expecting premium flower. I typically smoke buds that are 20% THC and higher so this didn’t quite do it for me. If you’re an occasional smoker this would suffice. Or if you like smoking a fair quantity (big J’s) it’ll do the trick. I personally prefer smoking a tiny bit here and there so I tend to gravitate towards heavy hitters. Otherwise the humidity level was good. The buds looked nice. Didn’t find it very aromatic – just ind of generic smelling. Packaging was good and discrete and i received it within a matter of days. Will definitely try ordering again – but will most likely go for a more expensive strain and hope that there’s more potency.

  81. 19tiafaymcl95 (verified owner)

    Was so much better than I thought it would be! Highly recommend!

  82. maamtoyou (verified owner)

    Sept, 2018 ~ I have ordered from approximately 6 different MOM’s and for the price of this product, it can’t be beat! I enjoyed the effects very much and will buy again. And thank you for adding a bit to the count to ensure you have a full oz and then some 🙂 BONUS!

  83. kev_cout (verified owner)

    Good taste. Good produit for the price.

  84. cheapskate241 (verified owner)

    I have had this strain a few times; the most recent time the potency was weak. Still enjoy the edibles with these cheap dry strains

  85. ladouceurmelina (verified owner)

    GOOD BUZZ!! Like it for the day, i”m doing my chores on cracker jack haha. For gaming too it”s a sweet buzz for this kind of concentration 😉 !!

  86. Dave_gaumont (verified owner)

    Super pour le prix avec ptite surprise merci

  87. chelseysimpson2189 (verified owner)

    Really good stuff decent high,
    Downsides small buds,a bit dry
    Really great for price

  88. jlg_xo (verified owner)

    Unreal price ok weed

  89. ice_j_1 (verified owner)

    4 stars! It’s not the best weed ive ever smoked, but its faaaaaar from the worst. $56 for a ounce? unheard of unless you’re in with a grower. would happily order again

  90. maritimeblaster (verified owner)

    $2, I’ll say it again, $2! I have no reason to complain about this stuff at all.

  91. scotthatcher24 (verified owner)

    Was really good lil dry but worth the money good high nice tast would buy again

  92. 19tiafaymcl95 (verified owner)

    Can’t complain for the price. Perfect for all day use !

  93. tl-style (verified owner)

    Once again the price save this one. Maybe i’m not a hybrid type but for the same price there’s other one with a better buzz.

    Encore une fois le prix sauve celui-ci. Probablement que je ne suis pas du type hybride mais pour le même prix il y a d’autres variétés avec un effet plus efficace.

  94. bmajor1975 (verified owner)

    Great price great strain thanks!!!

  95. muskokak9 (verified owner)

    Great for the price!

  96. James M (verified owner)

    Not bad for the price!

  97. Charlotte.mcgrath (verified owner)

    This is my favourite of the $2 strains. I actually got very high on this, and didn’t expect to because of how cheap it was!

  98. James M (verified owner)

    Ok for price

  99. lauraguitard (verified owner)

    Pretty mild potency but still a great value for $2/g.

  100. richard90009000 (verified owner)

    I’m happy mon

  101. katbarrington99 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains!!

  102. dargon_3743 (verified owner)

    Great stuff ,Smoke well and good high ,,Great Value Nice Buds

  103. boboakes80 (verified owner)

    Product decent as described. Super fast shipping less than 48 hours from BC to NS.

  104. CannabisLifeGurl83 (verified owner)

    Decent daytime smoke. Not much of a smell to the buds, smooth taste. Not potent for a everyday cannabis consumer, but good for novice and unbeatable price. Great shipping and discreet packaging. No more free samples though in recent orders. Lol

  105. kevipomme (verified owner)

    J’ai été étonné pour le prix ! Je m’attendais à pire mais c’est pas si mal ! Bon petit high! A essayé

  106. dargon_3743 (verified owner)

    loved it great smoke!!

  107. brianwagnerjr (verified owner)

    It’s a great price and a great smoke. I found I couldnt roll too big or the taste was pretty off by the time it was almost done.

  108. richard90009000 (verified owner)


  109. dargon_3743 (verified owner)

    awesome weed

  110. kevipomme (verified owner)

    Très bon weed ! Bon goût pas trop fort et bon buzz!

  111. dargon_3743 (verified owner)

    love this great smoke

  112. dargon_3743 (verified owner)

    always good

  113. maritimeblaster (verified owner)


  114. dargon_3743 (verified owner)

    love this stuff my fav

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