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Banana Kush (shatter – indica dominant)

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Banana Kush (shatter – indica dominant)

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Grab your barrel of Monkeys and get in line because this slightly Indica dominant is not going to last. A product from splicing OG Kush and Skunk Haze this snap happy concentrate will put you down so plan to enjoy late night before bed.

Indica Dominated Hybrid: 60% Indica 40% Sativa

Effect: Body High, Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

May Relieve: Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Headaches, Insomnia, PMS, PTSD, Stress

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50 reviews for Banana Kush (shatter – indica dominant)

  1. cloudchemistjuice (verified owner)

    Holy crap. This strain hits you in the face like a banana thrown from the tree tops at rocket speed. Make sure you’re sitting down for this one. While my shatter did get a bit wax-y from the shipping process in the heat I assume; still packs a killer punch that is WELL worth the $3 gram more than the orange. <3

  2. shawnsloat (verified owner)

    This stuff is freaking fantastic thank you sweet Mary

  3. squirest1 (verified owner)

    Amazing for the price no complaints at all

  4. brotherluv55 (verified owner)

    Tastes good for price. Thanks again.

  5. bobnpeg13 (verified owner)

    On my top 10 list to reorder after I try all the new edibles

  6. christopou (verified owner)

    Order it a few week ago,still waiting but look awesome,look awesome for its price

  7. kikiberty (verified owner)

    Good taste very nice shatter 🙂

  8. supa_carrier21 (verified owner)

    Tasty and does the job at a great price.

  9. christopou (verified owner)

    Great product taste good color so good

  10. stephlovescott (verified owner)

    Good taste incredible high

  11. cookking28 (verified owner)

    Was more than happy with this purchase. I made purchases before. But this one was fast it was at my door within 3 days. I kind of thought because of the deal that maybe I’d be getting some other stuff that was just kind of the same old cheap stuff. But 100% this smell different than the other shatter that I bought at look different it tastes different. And all in all I’m more than happy thank you

  12. likeanechopedal (verified owner)

    Love this shatter great taste and awesome high!

  13. jlg_xo (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong for the price if not used for dabs be good on a paper

  14. josuzann (verified owner)

    As a new customer I couldn’t be more impressed. It’s hard and shattery, looks, tastes, and works great. Price and service very good as well. Thank you Mary.

  15. megan97pillon (verified owner)

    This is by far my favourite indica dominant shatter! And love the price!!!

  16. ice_j_1 (verified owner)

    darker but who cares, this stuff got me and my wife giggly baked, a reorder for sure

  17. jjakowiec (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this strain. Darker but still gets the job done. Would recommend.

  18. amyrichard978 (verified owner)

    Very sticky and disappointing at first I guess from transport but stabilized on its own after a few days and now I’m quite satisfied for the price

  19. rkain003 (verified owner)

    Great taste and great price. A little dark but got me baked

  20. ice_j_1 (verified owner)

    Ordered this.multiple times already, may be a trim run but gets you baked just as anything else, and for the price I will keep ordering as long as they keep resupplying

  21. sabrinamckendrick (verified owner)

    Wonderful hits and makes you a couch potato!!!! Love it for watching TV!

  22. garnetbeckman1 (verified owner)

    Well I recently ordered some rso oil which I loved it came in easy to use and clean syringes and twist on covers so I’d give a 4 star rating for that but the banana kush shatter tasted fine but was way to hard to deal with like it was way to soft almost runny but did get u high so overall I’ll be nice and give u guys a 4 star rating the service and shipping g was so great and super fast . 5 stars for service and shipping though .

  23. Charlotte.mcgrath (verified owner)

    I ordered this while the shatters were on a 50% off sale. Good stuff and amazing value. When people have asked me what I paid for it, they’re always surprised to hear how cheap I got it.

  24. nathanyel916d (verified owner)

    This strain is nice, gets me high just as any good shatter, but its quite dark, probably trim run. Taste is fine, a bit harsh. I got a quarter of this when it was 80% off (30$, 4$/g, lmao) so I cant complain, but I prefer the more yellow/golden stuff, taste better than this

  25. mathewbuxx12341 (verified owner)

    Great for the price would definitely get again nice sweet taste yummy !

  26. jjparis17 (verified owner)

    Was good for the price

  27. gtaskey (verified owner)

    Nice high and tastes ok for the price!

  28. hicon (verified owner)

    Gets the job done

  29. nsnesar (verified owner)

    Pleasant smell and good taste, also good price

  30. swhalengold (verified owner)

    Got 3 grams. It’s the first shatter I have bought for my self so I am no expert. But it does get me baked. Taste leaves some to be desired compared to budder. I had 1 gram that was more taffy like, and 1 gram that was more able to snap after resting. Would buy again for sure.

  31. awesummzzz (verified owner)

    Definitely worth the money

  32. chrislarsen-69 (verified owner)


  33. Dust902all (verified owner)

    Anazing service and amazing smoke

  34. insanelysane (verified owner)

    Awesome price. Great taste and quality. Will buy again. Thank you

  35. garnetbeckman1 (verified owner)

    i love this shatter it got a nice after taste and is smooth not quite the pow the cherry pie has but thats prob why its twice as much but very nice smoke id reccomend to others forsure.

  36. lachance_stephane_ (verified owner)

    Excellant taste

  37. justinchampagne2 (verified owner)


  38. lauraguitard (verified owner)

    Great for the price, good flavor. Have smoked regularly and find it still effective.

  39. bubbarootfarms (verified owner)

    Great especially for the price

  40. trolhole (verified owner)

    Shit put me right to sleep love the taste, banana, and sweet

  41. jjakowiec (verified owner)

    I have to say really does pack a punch. Really dark colour but tastes fine not too harsh. Definately a good deal.

  42. ehenrikson3 (verified owner)

    Loved it.
    To find something that helps with my upset tummy, back pain, head aches.

  43. cornellmkelly (verified owner)

    Very tasty and nice relaxing high. Great deal. Will buy again.

  44. afwwiafi2013 (verified owner)

    this was an unexpected surprise loved this strain! definitely hits you in the face and mine did go a bit waxy from shipping I presume, but still wonderful as always!

  45. teaganmartell (verified owner)

    What a great taste it has and hits you real hard. Anything you get from here is amazing quality

  46. kevipomme (verified owner)

    Un de mes shatter favoris ! Vous ne pouvez pas vous tromper avec le prix ! Super belle texture , un peu foncé mais le buzz est là !! Je recommande fortement

  47. fwank7 (verified owner)

    Taste good and high is good as well, very good deal well worth the price.

  48. cutely-unique (verified owner)

    good for the price! i use it in my vape and its a lighter smoke to inhale

  49. hicon (verified owner)

    Great shatter great before bed

  50. linzjurman (verified owner)

    Good taste. Good buzz. Good price

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